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Here be dragons! Or at least opinions about dragons. I expect most people to disagree with things on this site. Disagreement is encouraged, it's the basis of debate.

What is Bulletin The Brain?

The easiest way to imagine it is as something that's quite rare these days on the internet. It's an essay site. It's intended to host long-form pieces that cover a number of topics and try to find a coherent way to see them as linked. It will be critical of governments, of press and most of all deeply critical of shallow reactionary unfounded social media bullying.

This is an opinion site. It is not intended to offer academic analysis, simply a point of view, but due to the length of the pieces here and their complexity it should be able to show how the view was formed and how it applies, taking its lessons from anywhere that makes sense.

And if you disagree? That is absolutely your right. As long as your disagreement takes the form of debate, satire or analysis it is always more than welcome. Just make sure your disagreement doesn't take the form of hate-speech or threats of violence.

The Essays...

Voter ID - March 2019

How some political parties believe that voting should be reserved for rich white people.

Me Too - March 2019

How the Me Too movement is being manipulated to defend the status quo, and how that's happened before.

A Climate of Hatred - March 2019

Statistics show us how hatred becomes violence and how responsibility is deflected.

Corbyn's Labour - March 2019

Jeremy Corbyn's alleged villainy.

Trump - February 2019

How Trump happens and the underpinnings of modern alt-right politics. The reality of fake news and where the media let us all down.

The Brexit Confederacy - February 2019

Brexit, the Conservative Party and discussions on the press and its weaknesses.

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